Electronic cigarettes, which are well known with the name of e-cig and vapor cigarettes, are such small gadgets that people use as a cigarette as an alternative of tobacco cigs, the e-cig releases small drops of water vapors that sometimes includes the nicotine element while sometimes not. These E-cigs are usually run by a small portable battery which is often rechargeable.

Not only manufacturers and seller but also the smokers of e-cigs are agreed to the fact that e-cigarettes are an useful and better substitute to tobacco smoking, the reason is that the user does not breathe in injurious tobacco smoke, which usually contains over few thousands deadly chemicals.

It works when you take a puff on the end of the e-cigarette tube and a battery heats up the nicotine which creates a vapor that is then inhaled into your lungs. As a result you feel a sensation of smoke in the mouth and lungs without really smoking. People who regularly use e-cigs say that the gadget offers a comparable feeling to regular tobacco cigarette smoking. Anyhow, as there is no burning involved so there is no real smoke.

Getting knowledge of how to use an e-cigarette is so straightforward, particularly for a normal tobacco-smoker, because the act is practically alike to the process of smoking a tobacco cig. Usually, electronic cigarettes are stretched pipe like gadgets that either seem like tobacco cigarettes or ball point with no smoke which gives a relief that no one gives you a disgusted look. Most e-cigs have disposable cartridges; some could be discarded after use.

Almost every electronic cigarette has the following essential parts:

The mouthpiece – This is the main part of the e-cig. The user places the mouthpiece in his or her mouth and sucks in; this act activates a heating part that instantly vaporizes a liquor solution. The steam is drawn in. Mainly, it is designed to permit the passage of fluid into the atomizer and from the atomizer to the user’s mouth. There are various different models for mouthpiece as some models use a container that holds loose fluid, while some operate a foam material to hold liquid in position. When liquid is exhausted, users can effortlessly refill the cartridge or restore it with an additional ready-filled cartridge. The disposable cartridge of e-cig is placed here in this part.

•  The battery – most handy gadgets hold a rechargeable battery. This battery acts as power supply for the liquid vaporizing part. It also contains some circuits for internal working, such as usually a multi colored LED light to specify the device has been set in motion. The air flow sensor and timing control is used to stop it from overheating. To resolve the problem of charging, some manufacturers also present a cigarette pack-shaped portable charging box. This charging case contains a bigger battery able of charging e-cigarettes.

•  The atomizer – it is known as a middle part. The atomizer is a heating part in the e-cig which transforms the fluid solution into vapors. In most of the gadgets, you have to restore the atomizer every four to five months.

Types of E-Cigarettes

  1. Cigar
  2. Pen style
  3. Mini
  4. Super Mini
  5. Pipe

According to a latest report e-cigs are becoming more and more popular all over the globe, particularly in some parts of Europe. It is a wild guess that a few million people all over the globe are regular users of the e-cigs.

Following are the top 5 electronic cigarette and their reviews:

V2 Cigs

V2 Cig was founded by three smokers when they were in exploration of an enhanced substitute.  They soon come with the many benefits of electronic cigarettes and their remarkable capability to decrease the amount of chemicals consumed while smoking. V2 Cigs are normally acclaimed as “best” e-cigarette brand all through the Internet.

If you’re new to the electronic cigarette then certainly V2 Cigs are the best potential experience you can have when smoking an e-cigarette.

 South Beach Smoke

As one of the most admired brands, they earned their grand reputation through their brilliant design, prices and overwhelming customer service. South beach smoke has won many prizes for their products, and plenty of other “e-cigarette experts” agree they are the most excellent. Now-a-days people are looking for performance, no tricks as only class can ensure your endurance in the market and an e-cigarette that is just as pleasurable to use as regular cigarettes. That’s what South Beach Smoke offers you.


One thing that you will understand about EverSmoke, that it solidified its position in the market by offering really unbelievable superiority. EverSmoke don’t go overboard with its products, in actuality they are just fundamental but they work so well on its quality.

Green Smoke

The most well-known and being the best of the best next to V2 Cigs, green smoke has its practical look which differentiates it from other brands. With its exclusive characteristics Green Smoke is consider one of the best e cigs for anyone looking to try this type of product for the first time.

Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs are the first brand that was most promoted when electronic cigarettes first burst upon the Internet scene a few years ago. Because of this, they remain one of the more admired brands regardless of the fact they are not offering as much as V2 cigs, Green Smoke or even EverSmoke.